18. abril 2024

Bitcoin Rises as Inflation Slides – Earn Your First Now!

• Bitcoin gained in mid-May as inflation numbers suggested a slight decrease in prices.
• The consumer price index report shows inflation is now just under the five percent mark, which is slightly less than what many expected.
• Bitcoin lost 70% of its value during the Fed’s rate hikes to combat inflation in 2022.

Inflation Easing Up

Regions like the U.S. and the U.K. have been suffering from high inflation for roughly 40 or 50 years, leading to higher costs of goods and services and making it difficult for people to afford cars and homes. However, the consumer price index report shows that inflation is now just under the five percent mark – slightly lower than anticipated – indicating that it may be easing up a bit.

Bitcoin Reacts Positively

Analysts at investment firm e-Toro commented that bitcoin embraces its identity as a riskier asset when it comes to inflation data, with bitcoin having outperformed the S&P 500 on five out of six CPI days recently, furthering its gains today with this news on inflation going down. Managing director at Swan Bitcoin Steven Lubka also noted that this represents an easing of tight liquidity conditions – an environment in which bitcoin has done extremely well historically.

Rate Hikes & Crypto Winter

The Federal Reserve began hiking rates regularly during 2022 as a means of combating high inflation rates; however, this took a serious toll on crypto prices, causing BTC to drop from $68,000 all-time high in November 2021 down to about $16,600 by late 2022 – representing a loss of over 70%. This period was referred to as the “crypto winter” due to how much digital currencies suffered during this time frame.

Lower Inflation Supports Case for End of Rate Hikes

Now that inflation seems to be decreasing again, analysts are optimistic that this could lead to an end of rate hikes and thus create more favorable conditions for cryptocurrencies once again; however only time will tell if this prediction proves accurate or not. As Callie Cox from e-Toro stated: “Higher rates are what started the crypto winter over a year ago” so hopefully with lower rates we will see better times ahead for digital currencies such as BTC moving forward.


It remains unclear what direction things will take moving forward but one thing is certain – cryptocurrency investors are keeping their eyes open and hoping for positive developments like these when it comes to economic indicators like inflation since they often greatly affect crypto prices in both good ways and bad ways depending on circumstances