Claim Your Crypto Fortune: Unlock Rewards and Collectibles on Blocktrade

• Blocktrade is transforming how people engage with and learn about digital assets through their cryptocurrency trading platform.
• The platform has gamified elements such as levels, collectibles, leaderboards and challenges to help educate users.
• Blocktrade recently launched a Crypto Greek Gods collection which features limited-edition digital collectible avatars.

Gamified Crypto Trading Platform

Blocktrade is revolutionizing the way people learn about and engage with digital assets by introducing a gamified cryptocurrency trading platform. This innovative approach to financial education includes levels, collectibles, leaderboards and challenges that make learning more exciting for users. With the BTEX token powering this universe, traders have access to rewards such as discounts on fees and trading bonuses as they progress through levels on the platform.

Crypto Greek Gods Collection

To further immerse users in this gaming-crypto world, Blocktrade recently released their Crypto Greek Gods Collection featuring 50 unique avatars based off of mythological characters like Zeus and Poseidon. These limited-edition digital collectible avatars serve as a symbol of accomplishment within the rewards program and are meticulously designed by a talented NFT artist.

Engaging Digital Investment Platform

Blocktrade’s gamified universe is encouraging financial interest amongst a new class of investors by making investing knowledge more accessible through an engaging platform. The wave of non-fungible token (NFT) popularity that reached new highs in recent years is only the beginning of investment into digital worlds and personas – now crypto investments, digital collectables, and unique avatars are all available on one single platform: Blocktrades.

Minigames Popularity

The minigames featured on the platform have already accumulated over 90,000 plays in its first four weeks since beta launch showing there is an immense appetite in the trading community for this type of engagement. By creating a fun way to get involved with crypto trading, Blocktrade is onboarding the next generation of crypto investors who want an easy yet interesting way to create wealth.


Cryptocurrencies are changing traditional finance forever while giving new access to wealth creation for many people around the world. Through platforms like Blocktrade which combine game design elements with crypto trading, users can now conveniently learn about digital assets while having fun!