21. febrero 2024

TABOO Gains Bullish Momentum: Secures $10M at $250M Valuation

• TABOO recently secured $10 million in funding at a $250 million valuation.
• The TABOO token is gaining attention from investors and traders, increasing steadily in price.
• With this new funding, TABOO is well-positioned to continue its rapid expansion and establish itself as a key player in the adult entertainment industry.

TABOO Secures $10M Funding at $250M Valuation

TABOO recently secured an impressive round of funding with the help of a private family office helmed by a former senior executive from J.P. Morgan. This investment totaled to $10 million at a valuation of $250 million and will be used to drive growth, product offerings, security measures, marketing efforts, and potential acquisitions for the platform.

TABOO Bullish Q1 2023

Data obtained from Coinbase indicates that the exchange rate of TABOO has experienced an increase of 18.62% over the past 7 days. Additionally, the project is expected to list on top tier centralized exchanges soon. TABOO’s CEO James expressed his excitement for this investment, stating that it would take their platform to the next level as blockchain and NFTs are becoming increasingly important in the adult entertainment industry.

Leading Investor

The leading investor for this round was a private family office helmed by a former senior executive from J.P Morgan who was willing to invest heavily into what he believes will be a major player in adult entertainment media platforms going forward — especially due to their focus on blockchain and NFTs technology which sets them apart from competitors in the market right now.

Impact Of Investment

This newfound influx of capital will have substantial implications on TABOO’s operations moving forward: they will be able to bolster their security measures, expand their product offerings, pursue acquisitions if necessary, strengthen marketing efforts and drive growth within the company as they strive towards establishing themselves as an important player in adult entertainment media platforms worldwide with these funds being injected into various aspects of their business model’s infrastructure + operations departments alike!


TABOO’s success story serves as inspiration for other projects looking for similar investments: dedication towards developing innovative technologies can pay off substantially when presented properly! The project is currently available on Binance and Coinbase exchanges with hopes that more listings will follow shortly afterword – giving users access to one of today’s most promising projects within cryptocurrency markets around globe!